Our Brand Story

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of having an online presence. For this reason, I decided to launch my own web design company in Saskatoon – specializing in creating affordable websites for small business owners. 

With the launch of my website came the need to begin writing and publishing blog articles so that my site could rank high on Google searches and attract potential customers from within our locality. After all, if you can’t be found online then how will people ever know about your services? 

I knew that setting up a website wasn’t enough; I had to write content too. With this in mind, I began drafting blog posts related to web design topics such as SEO optimization strategies, user experience tips, and why every small business needs a professionally-designed website. 

My goal was twofold: not only did I want these blog articles to educate others on important web design topics but also help with increasing organic traffic towards my site through smart keyword usage and linking tactics. This way when someone searched for “affordable web design services near me” they would find me! 

The results are amazing—significantly increased Google ranking over time, getting more leads than ever before because of our quality content which helps us build trust with potential prospects who may turn into loyal clients down the line.  

Overall, launching my own website has taught me that writing engaging blog posts can go a long way in helping one’s ranking as well as converting readers into paying customers; something which every entrepreneur should consider doing if they are serious about their success online!

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