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Every website deserves TLC. We are always working hard to give your website the best attention it can have.

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Ideal for light bloggers and small startups



Full Website Backups
Full Website Updates
Free SSL Certificate Renewal
Quarterly Overall Website Review
Up to 30 minutes of tasks**, then $1 per minute afterwards


Ideal for small businesses and heavy bloggers



Everything in Simple


Monthly Analytics Report (user traffic, website engagement, etc.)
Performance Optimization (Speed Boost)
1 Engaging SEO 600-Word Articles
Up to 1 hour of tasks**, then $1 per minute afterwards



Ideal for e-commerce websites and large businesses



Everything in Speed


Real-Time Website Protection/Security
Real-Time Website Monitoring (Malware Detection)
2 Engaging SEO 600-Word Articles*
Up to 2 hours of tasks**, then $1 per minute afterwards


Ideal for websites with continuously changing content



Everything in Secure


4 Engaging SEO 600-Word Articles*
Up to 5 hours of tasks**, then $1 per minute afterwards


This is not in addition to the number of articles from the previous package.


These tasks include adding or editing posts/pages, redesigning or adjusting the header/footer, changing the theme or templates, managing HTML/CSS codes, backend codes, and databases, and other related tasks, including site migration.

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